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Choose our team to get the exceptional quality that will last. For all your Residential and Commercial needs.

There are many reasons why you should choose Fairfax Painter Pro. We are a trusted company with a long tradition and an exceptional customer satisfaction rate.

Fairfax Painter Pro hires the best of the best painters, so we can deliver the project on time, with the utmost quality and on budget. No matter how difficult the project, we will find a way to realize it in the best possible manner.

You can rely on Fairfax Painter Pro team to listen closely to your wishes, follow a tight schedule accurately, and give you results that will blow you away.

Fairfax Painter Pro – Your Painting Contractors

Find out all the details on the three factors that shape us as a company. They are:




Commercial and Residential Painting Company with Decades of Experience

Fairfax Painter Pro has been up and running for close to two decades. The company has slowly grown from a small home business to a serious company with dozens of professional workers.

We are looking for more than just skilled workers. We employ only those that see painting as an art. Only passionate house painters can make our cut. We manage every single project from the start to the end. Meeting deadlines and the client’s wishes are absolutely guaranteed.

We have made thousands of clients happy. We earned their trust and that is why they recommend us to their closest friends and family. The painting might be a challenge for the fly-by-night painting companies, but it’s not for experts. Even if we end up with a challenge, we enjoy tackling.

We die to live by the motto “Deliver as Promised”. To achieve that goal, we have an extremely responsive customer service and communicate in an open manner.

We have a very responsive customer service, open communication, and we always delivered as promised. You will want to show off when you see the results of our work. Professional painting makes a huge difference.

Painting is Just The Tip of The Iceberg

The process of painting a home or a business is the finishing part of our service, it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Our entire creative process begins much earlier. We don’t start the project by discussing ideas with clients. Then we propose solutions and finally, deliver the ideas into reality. We see each project as a piece of art, not just painting.

When the job is done, the cleanup crew will leave the location sparkling clean. All aspects of our service are designed to give customers satisfaction.

The positive reactions we get after delivering is for our own satisfaction. The size of the project doesn’t matter because we have teams that can handle a job of any size.