Beautiful Home Painting You Will Be Proud of!

Color makes all the difference in a house. Painting is not that hard, but giving space a soul and a professional finish is not that easy. Fairfax Painter Pros team aim to help clients personalize living space.

We do not only deliver their wishes, but we also help them figure out exactly what they want. We can make any space fit with the client’s personality simply by talking to him. There is much more to residential painting than people realize.

When you decide that you want to freshen those old walls up, Fairfax Painter Pro is all you need. Our team of experts will come to the location to scout it and calculate the costs. They will express their thoughts guided by the vast experience they possess. This helps most clients with their vision. Once we make a deal, the entire team of workers shows up and delivers the job on time and on budget. The company will take care of any costs that exceed the original price.

Our Residential Painting Services

We do both, interior and exterior painting of homes. Our services cover everything from the beginning to the end of the project. That includes time and worker management, getting the supplies, and leaving the location clean like nothing ever happened.

These are the residential painting services we provide:

  • Interiors
  • Floors
  • Exteriors
  • Fences and decks
  • Pressure washing

Our Residential Interior Painting Process

If you let us paint a picture of why you should choose us over other painting contractors, then read on…

We’d like to consider ourselves Interior painting Specialist, a majority of our work is painting for homeowners like yourself, re-painting ceilings, walls, and trims. Additionally, we find ourselves repairing stress cracks, popped nails, loose sheetrock tape, and everything else that comes along with an aging home.

There are several reason to trust us, the main one is – we paint every customer’s home as if it were our own. It starts with being thoughtful of clenliness and the protection of your personal items.

After moving all the furniture to the center of the room, we cover your personal belongings with plastic from top to bottom. Then we lay canvas dropcloths over any exposed flooring.

We remove outlet and lightswitch covers, carefully tape-off and protect other items that may be vulnerable to falling paint droplets.

We turn on bright work-lights and begin any spackling that may be necessary, filling small holes from picture hangers, big holes from door knobs, and any visible blemishes in the walls or ceiling.

We then prime any repaired areas, or bare wood or bare sheetrock, and apply finish paint to manufacturer’s specifications.  Don’t you think we are considered one of the best residential painting contractors and that is not by accident?

Get the Best Quality for a Reasonable Price

Best painting service, quality guaranteed!  You don’t have to worry a thing when our painting team shows up because you are hiring the best there are.

We have been working with countless clients over the past decade, gathering experience and making each and every one of them happy. The Painter pros team takes the time to prepare the location, as well as the tools we will be using.

We calibrate things just right for every job and we make sure that it meets the deadline. Since we love our job, the prices are fair and reasonable. Besides, we like to make people happy as much as we like to breathe new life into their homes.

Contact us today, and we can take care of all your needs!