Curb Appeal That Your Neighbors Will Envy!

Our crew is a set of trained and experienced house painters. They excel when it comes to exterior painting, where they show their best skills. They are capable of delivering any type of exterior. You want your home to stand out and our team will make sure it does.

Before the actual painting starts, a team will show up to pressure wash all of the walls, to make sure they are prepped for painting.

Everything is possible.  So, just let your imagination run wild and our professional painters will capture the idea and turn it into reality. The painters are skilled in working on all types of walls.

Quality Exterior Painting within Time and Budget

The painting crew is well aware of the problems homeowners face – so we come on time and complete the job within budget, without any unpleasant surprises.

I am pretty sure you would have come across other tradesmen and have found to be not providing quality.  If you find one that does, then it’s an issue of not delivering on time or always extending the budget.

We’ve all been there and I know the pain.  Our customers have given the feedback to perfect our process, so we try to get all three right, every time.

There’s a lot more to know about your craft when it comes to exterior painting rather than interior painting. There are so many different types of surfaces and conditions to contend with.

Let me tell you what makes the difference in exterior painting.  Knowing the right product for the job, taking the time to do the preparation right, then the proper application of the primer and finish coats.

The painting of the exterior of your home can be a considerable expense, be sure that it is done correctly.

Call Fairfax Painter Pro and rest easy in knowing that absolute professionals are giving your home the best protection from the elements.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Every exterior project starts with thorough preparation of the surface we’re painting. A majority of our time on most exterior projects is spent preparing the surface for paint.

We almost always find dirt, stain, and grime on the exterior of the house. You can test this for yourself by running your fingers on the exterior of your house.

Now, a fly-by-night painting contractor will cut corners by painting over it. We pressure wash the exterior, just to get to the bare wall, so the paint adheres well and last a lifetime.

Not just that, there will peeling paint on the fascia. Painting over it might well seal it for a year, but will fall loose. We try to spend time scraping every bit of those loose paint. And in certain cases, we try to sand it down, so the new coat stays there forever.

When this is done correctly, the paint looks better, and last longer. Browse a few of the exterior before and after photo layouts on this site and you can witness the quality painting job that we do.

And we are pretty confident that you will consider Fairfax Painting Pro for your exterior painting projects and more.