Fairfax painter pro best tools for painter
When spring arrives, homeowners get busy redecorating their homes, garages, and patios. Some of them take the do-it-yourself approach, because these types of jobs relax them, while others hire professionals such as Fairfax Painter Pro to get the job done for them.
Doing a project alone can demand a lot of time and patience, time that many people just don’t have because of their demanding jobs, or other house chores.
If that is the case, you need to hire a team of experts that can handle any job you have in mind. Our workers are professionals, and as such, they use the best available tools and materials.

Here are some of the tools we use on the job:

1. Duck Brand Clean Release Painter’s Tape

Every professional painter knows how easy it is to forget about painting the edges. Doing edges after a wall is already painted can be a really demanding task, and that is why our painters always use the painter’s tape. The edge lock feature allows them to make sure that the edges are straight before they paint the room.

2. Hand-Masker Dispenser (3M)

This little gadget saves our painters lots of time. The tape dispenser allows them to get sharp edges really quickly. Painting edges with a brush, without the tape, is much more difficult. This gadget is essential for a quick and high-quality finish.

3. Wooster Brush Hefty Deep Well Metal Tray

A paint tray with the ability to hook to a ladder is an essential tool for all painters. This way, painters can work on high ceilings much faster because they don’t have to climb up and down to get some paint all the time.

4. Paint Mixing Drill Attachment

Mixing paint is an important step to take before the painting process. Mixing it by hand takes a lot of time and it’s hard to mix the paint evenly. That is why our workers always use a paint mixing drill attachment, making sure that the paint is mixed quickly and evenly.

5. Pelican Hand Held Paint Pail

This handheld paint pail is the perfect tool for painting areas that are six feet or higher. It allows painters to hang their paint on a ladder, saving them time and energy.

6. Easy-Clean Premium Painting Brush Set

A painter is only as good as his painting brush. That is why we equip our teams with the best easy-clean painting brushes. These brushes are cleaned very easily with nothing but cold water. Our workers always clean the brushes before applying the next coat of paint.

7. Premium Paint Rollers

Apart from brushes, painters use rollers to cover large areas with paint quickly. Of course, there are many types of rollers available. Our workers only use premium paint rollers, to make sure that the paint is evenly dispersed.

8. Pit Bull Electric Heat Gun and Paint Stripper

There are many ways to strip the old paint off walls, but most of them are slow and exhausting. To speed things up, our painters use an electric heat gun that allows paint stripping at a much faster rate. They can use this tool on walls, as well as doors and other surfaces.