We get asked these questions again and again as professional painters and cleaners. We just thought you might be interested in these too, so we put it all in one place.
Hey, if it’s not answered here or even otherwise, give us a call we are more than happy to talk to you.

What’s your process and How does it work?

First, we request you to schedule a free estimate. We reach out to you to schedule a time to visit the property and see the project in detail. Once we had a chance to access the project our staff can take notes of details.

With the information, our experienced painting crew lead can price you and give you a timeline for the painting project completion.

Again, once everything is set, we plan and let you know how we are going to tackle the project.

Our experience painting crew gets to work with getting all the needed supplies.  That’s followed by proper preparation of the work area. Then execute on the plan.

How much do you charge to paint an average house?

Like many things in life, this is a tough question to answer. One size doesn’t fit, so your best bet is to schedule an estimate.

Don’t worry, it is totally free and we will be confident in dropping a number too.

But to answer that question here, I have to use a range. We usually do painting jobs ranging from $350 – $18,000. See… That’s a big range to take an average and be close enough to your situation.

We can tell you this, however. The process is straightforward and the price is based on the amount of work needed – basically, that translates to the space that we are painting and the complexity of what we do.

How long does it take to paint my house?

We have a company policy to get 50% of the project cost as advance to cover the cost of supplies. Once Fairfax Painter Pro gets the deposit, based on the agreed time frame we get to work immediately.

Our average timeline range lies between 1-3 weeks for job completion. It’s not unusual to see our turn around time be upwards of 2 months for very large estate homes, gated communities, and the likes.

Contact us today and schedule a free estimate to find how much your project would be.

What payments methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. We prefer checks and that’s our preference because we pass on the credit card processing fee to the customer, which you can save.

What locations and areas do you serve?

We service the whole of Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Montgomery County and Prince George’s County and the immediate areas surrounding it.

But hey, we try not to turn customers down. So, please call us to check if we can cover your area. Depending on the time of year, resource requirements and project size we can go farther too.

Do you cater to commercial companies and businesses?

Yes. A portion of the work is for commercial clients of ours. We mainly work with high impact service-oriented organizations such as automotive dealerships, doctors office, and restaurants.

Our commercial clients want us to upkeep the premise to set a tone for their level attention to details and true caring nature for their customers, among other attributes.

We also perform some janitorial service for the commercial companies, because cleanliness speaks volume with our clients. We also provide cleaning services to larger and smaller offices in professional buildings and corporate parks. Our cleaning crew can easily manage your project as we know the devil is in the details.

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